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On Designing and Deploying Internet-Scale Services - Tuesday Papers

January 10, 20231 minute read

James Hamilton – Windows Live Services Platform

I picked up this paper to start off the Tuesday Papers series where I will read and review some seminal papers in computer science and software engineering. Reading research exposes you to progressive ideas on a topic and helps you know the cutting-edge thoughts from when it was published. The research I read may not be the latest but is some of the most important in the history of CS.

On Designing and Deploying Internet-Scalr Services is an important paper in the field of distributed systems. It is a result of the author's long-time work with large-scale systems and the learnings derived from the experience. I enjoyed reading the paper as I could relate the points mentioned to my work, and also could compare the technologies from 2007, the year this paper was published, and now - 2023.

# Introduction

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