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Turning 26, and what's next

October 3, 20213 minutes read

There are two time periods in a day known as 'golden hours', one close to sunrise and the other close to sunset. Sunlight at these times is perfectly balanced and adds this golden hue to everything around - obviously on a sunny day. This is a treasure for photographers as pictures taken during this time, come out to be magical.

I love the golden hours for yet another reason - they are perfect for just sitting at your window with a cup of tea/coffee and watch nature outside. One can do this at any point in the day, but during these hours, the world looks even more beautiful. People come out for walks, birds return home, the environment fills with life. And it is a perfect time for doing nothing! I enjoy sitting at the window and watch life slow down unlike how it rushes past by me during the day in meetings.


For the past few weeks, I have been on a work break before I start my new job in a new country. There are a lot of things that I'm super excited (and nervous) about in the next few weeks, but I'm enjoying this bit of time where I am doing nothing. This August was a crucial one for me, I left my job at upGrad - where I spent the past 2 years. In the same month, I also started my next education - an online masters program in Computer Science. I have been waiting for this time since I was accepted in April 2021, and it has been a fun first semester. I have those back-to-school vibes, literally!

In the past few days, I have been studying for an hour daily, meeting friends and family and have been chilling out quite a lot. I have discovered new music, danced to a few favourite ones, I've even planned out live concerts to attend next year (hopefully with things opening up)! Even among these things, which are pretty laid back honestly, I find time to do absolutely nothing.

This year, I started meditating daily. It wasn't a new year's resolution, but a conscious effort to know my thoughts better. Meditation is difficult, and experiencing this makes us realise how entangled our minds are in thoughts. I have struggled to sit silent, have found it difficult to be consistent, but I've come back to it again and again. I have experienced the change in my mental state once I sit with myself, recognizing my thoughts and that's what pulls me back.

This year has been pivotal in my life, ironically 2020 wasn't the one - it was 2021. Usually, it's true in real life as well - the time that decides the fate is not when the storm hits, but when it clears down. There's destruction all around, things are in a mess. It's important how you get yourself up again. And now that this year is wrapping up, it is time to celebrate the feats! I believe 2020-21 have been years that everyone needed in a way (I'm glad if they did not have an impact on you at all). Cheers to the time ahead!

So, in all, I have a new job coming up, an ongoing masters program, and a whole new country. It's going to be a fun ride!

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