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Why do I want to write?

December 27, 20212 minutes read100DaysOfWriting

I am starting the 100 days of writing challenge from today. I started writing from yesterday so this is day two, a few days away from the new year.

Since I was a kid, I had fascination for writing, be it poetry or prose, I loved putting my thoughts and imagination into words. I remember writing a bunch of fantasy stories about aliens attacking my school when I was in 7th grade. This notebook was my cherished treasure. I would let my imagination run loose and picture myself in this universe which was an amalgamation of the real and the reel.

Later, I tried my hand at poetry. I loved reading poetry as well. Laying out words in the structure of a poem was a complex job, I'd at times free myself with the abstract poetry process. As I grew older, my writing held meaning, and purpose. I loved writing to put across my views and inspire others.

Today, as I discussed my love for writing with a friend, they mentioned that every art is liberating - writing is a form of art. For me, it's seeing my intangible thoughts taking form in letters and becoming permanent. At times, writing is therapeutic, a companion of solitude. At other times it is the one which carries my excitement.

Why do I want to write? I want to write to document my experiences and help others gain insights from my stories. Everything we write is a story. I love writing experiences instead of facts as the former is a better teacher.

I am starting this challenge because I want to build a habit of writing and improve my rusty skills. I'll write daily for the next 98 days about various things that I come across and I'll try making it interesting for you to read gradually. This is a new year's resolution started early!

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