Goa - November, 2019


software_engineer, javascript, python, open_source


Interesting things I found on the Internet


The `useEffect` hook

I recently took up the task of clearing up the reported issues for `react-insta-stories`, an open source React component I had made last year and quite a few people use it. I was visiting the codebase after a couple of months...

Building a Smart Mirror - 1

Almost a month back we started the work for renovating our house in Panvel, a decision my parents had taken long back, but was finally brought into action...

Echo Chambers

During the last weekend, I attended the 2020 version of the Harvard US India Initiative in Mumbai. I had found about it through a college junior who had applied for the same. After a quick lookup, it seemed worth attending once, and the speaker lineup...

Are we living in a simulation?

This thought struck me while listening to Lex Fridman's podcast with George Hotz. This was Lex's exact opening question - 'Are we part of a simulation?'...