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Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

June 14, 20203 minutes readspace movies

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

This post is for the sole purpose of appreciating the film Interstellar for its beauty and depth of story. It surpasses the limit of science fiction and comes back to us by connecting the concept of interstellar travel to fundamental human emotions. The fantastic music by Hans Zimmer gives it its core feeling, making you connect with the story and empathise the characters.

Unfortunately, I did not get to watch the movie in theatre, let alone IMAX. And going through forums, there are a lot many like me. I envy those who got to watch it at the Royal Albert Hall when it was backed by Zimmer's live orchestra. But you can find bits of it in video online.

I usually rewatch some epic scenes from this masterpiece quite often. This post is to collect them at one place so that anyone reading it can relive the movie.

# Scenes

Here are all the epic scenes from the movie, and most of the links below are all from a single channel Jay M. Kudos!

# No time for caution

# Those aren't mountains

# Detach

# Messages

# Cooper leaves

# Music & Live

Hans Zimmer = Godly Music. My one of the most desirable things would be living the Royal Albert Hall experience - interstellar playing on the screen and the live orchestra playing the soundtracks. Here are a few best videos of Interstellar tracks being played live, or recorded.

# No time for caution

One of the oldest videos I found for this track. Nolan calls church organ a perfect instrument for the movie as it signifies the fusion of the mystical with the real.

# Hans Zimmer live at Prague

# Royal Albert Hall Live Docking Scene

# First Step Live

# Main theme on piano

Co-incidence would be that I'm publishing this post on the day when we experience a solar eclipse. I hope the curiosity for astronomy and space lives long in our minds, and we keep exploring the unknown.

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